Bike Tour Versions

Portugal Bike Tours can be:
  • Guided (with a Guide, supported van and meals)
  • Self-Guided (with a GPS device on your handlebar with all tracks recorded)
  • Supported (with a GPS device on your handlebar and a support van)


Guided Tours (with a Guide):
  • You will always cycle together with a guide, who will draw your attention to the historic and interesting
    details along the way.
  • You can learn about Portugal, its History, people and culture because you are with PortugalBike team.
  • You will enjoy the daily wonderful picnics always in a beautiful spot, that we prepared specially for you (depending on the programme).
  • You will enjoy the tasty dinners with Portuguese gastronomy, Portuguese wines and desserts, always in the best restaurants of the region, together with PortugalBike team and the rest of the group.
  • While you are biking in Portugal, you will have the daily support of our support van (water supply, technical and mechanical assistance, giving you a lift, etc)
  • You will be supplied with an energy bar to help you on the most difficult sections of the day
  • You can also enjoy some specific experiences depending on the bike tour (visiting a museum, wine tasting, etc).
  • On the Guided Tours you will get a PREMIUM SERVICE!


Self-Guided Tours (without a Guide):
  • You will have all the information to guide you. You only need to follow the arrow in your GPS device that will be on your handlebar.
  • Self-Guided Bicycle Tours do not include dinners, daily picnics, energy bars and water supply during the day and some activities specific of some tours, as you are on your own.
  • As you are on your own, the Guide will not be there to take care of your bicycle, this is your responsability: you will be responsible for the good use of your bicycle and its components. You must handle your gears gently and carefully, you must park your bicycle safely in order not to make scratches on the frame and manage that it is safe and secure, using the supplied lock, to avoid theft.
  • You will also be responsible for the good use of all the supplied equipment: bicycle, helmet, bags with accessories, GPS device and mobile phone; all the equipment must be returned to PortugalBike as it was given to you.
  • When you receive the bicycle for your tour it is tuned and prepared for the tour. As you are on your own on a self-guided bicycle tour you are responsible for the bike during the tour and you must be able to solve any problem that may occur on your bicycle during the tour, such as a flat tyre or a breaking of the chain, etc.
  • In order to make these bicycle tours more affordable you will meet only PortugalBike team on the first and last days; your luggage will be transfered by taxi everyday.
  • One last advantage of the self-guided tours is that you can start any day of the week. Ask us about our availability!


Supported Tours (with a support van):

This is like a Self-Guided Bicycle Tour (see above), also including the following:

  • Everyday there is a person of PortugalBike team who meets you at certain points of the tour and can assist you if necessary; you can have mechanical assistance (in case of a flat tyre, broken chain, etc), water supply, a lift in the van to the hotel. You can meet the person of PortugalBike team everyday at the Hotel. Ask us about prices and availability.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable repairing a flat tire, a broken chain or anything else on the rear derrailor but you still wish to do a bike tour on your own (without a guide) you should choose a Supported Bike Tour.
  • A Supported Bike Tour is not as unexpensive as a Self-Guided Bike Tour, but it is cheaper than a Guided Bike Tour.


All PortugalBike Tours have the three bike tour versions: Guided, Supported or Self-Guided.

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