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The best months to plan a bike tour in Portugal

The best advice is to head south, to the Alentejo and Algarve regions, during the winter, spring and autumn months. Porto and the North of Portugal are best cycled during the summer months.

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Cycling in Portugal Alentejo region with Portugal Bike Tours

Cycling in Portugal Alentejo Region

Remote, quiet, with open landscapes and old medieval towns protected by hilltop Fortresses and Castles now converted into luxury hotels, Portugal’s Alentejo Region offers an unmatched cycling experience.

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Cycling vacation in Europe, Portugal Bike Tours

Why Portugal should be your next cycling vacation in Europe

Portugal beat off strong competition to be named “Europe’s Leading Destination” in 2019, 2018 and 2017 by World Travel Awards. Here’s why it should be your next cycling vacation in Europe.

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Portugal Bike jerseys Florida

Cycling With Portugal Bike Jerseys Around the World

It’s amazing that most of our clients still remember us… and it is so nice when they wear their shirts and decide to take a picture and share the picture with us!

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mountain biking in Portugal, Portugal Bike Tours

A Guide to Mountain Biking in Portugal

With amazing views, thousands of trails and incredible landscapes between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, mountain biking in Portugal is a fun and spectacular experience.

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Cycling across Portugal - Christine Dell'Amore Washington Post Portugal Bike, Cycling Portugal

Cycling Portugal with The Washington Post

Christine Dell’Amore is the online natural history editor for the National Geographic News and has written for The Washington Post. One day she joined us for a cycling trip through the Alentejo for an article in The Washington Post.

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Cycling the Camino de Santiago, one of the World's oldest pilgrimage routes

Cycling the Camino, one of the oldest pilgrimage routes

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela is one of the World’s oldest pilgrimage routes. Cycling the Camino is giving a bit of yourself …it is something different, it is really an experience!

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Portugal Bike Tours In The Financial Times Amazing Algarve Coast Tour

Portugal Bike in Financial Times Best Active Beach Breaks

Portugal Bike tours has been included in Financial Times’ Best Active Beach Breaks in the World! Financial Times’ editors have selected our tour “The Amazing Algarve Coast” as a showcase for Algarve’s active beach breaks.

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Portugal bike tour portrayed by a client

Portugal bike tour portrayed by an amazing client

We have this bicycle tour in the north of Portugal: The Charming Pousadas in the North. One day we had a special client doing this tour; he was an artist! Every morning, before cycling, he sat somewhere painting with his watercolors.

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Portugal bike tours, cycling in portugal

The Satisfaction of Conquering

Among the many experiences you can live on a bike tour is the will of getting further, of overcoming the challenges and knowing the limits of our resistance.

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does the bike matters by Portugal Bike Tours

Does the bike matter?

Does the bike matters? Everything is relative. In a very simple way he showed us that what really matters in this case is your legs! Your will and joy of live help you achieve the goals you set in your life.

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Bike tours in Portugal History, Portugal Bike Tours, Cycling in Portugal

Portugal Bike tours – 25 years of History!

In 1995 I started to organize mountain bike tours to the public. Our first foreign clients came on 2005 and then more people came. Now, more than 25 years later we welcome clients from all around the world!

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