Climbing Profile

The Algarve Wild Coast

  • 6 Days

  • total: 134km (83mi)

  • 47% asphalt + 53% dirt-roads and bike lanes

  • level 1 (1.3)

  • daily average: 34km (21mi)

    Day 1


    Welcome at Porto airport. 30mn drive to the down town of Porto, briefing about the tour.

    Day 2

    Porto World Heritage and Douro river

    This is the shortest day of your bicycle tour, just because there are many small things and details to pay attention during the way. You leave the historical and charming place of Porto near Douro river and the bridge and you see the ocean where Douro river meets the sea. You continue pedaling along cycle lanes along the coast and you will reach the next hotel.

  • 21km (13mi)

  • level 1 (1.0)

  • 260m (850ft)

    Day 3

    Along the beautiful Silver Coast

    Bike lanes and some dirt roads continue along the coast on your right side, leading you for the best views that you can have on this bicycle tour. The day finishes with a nice and calm flat road along the vast lagoon that extends itself on your left side.

  • 43km (27mi)

  • level 2 (1.8)

  • 210m (690ft)

    Day 4

    Towards the most known Portuguese finest ceramic.

    Today the ride is very flat. Some more quiet roads, some more bike lanes, with great views to the beaches on the Atlantic Coast complete your day ride.

  • 39km (24mi)

  • level 1 (1.2)

  • 150m (490ft)

    Day 5

    Aveiro town, the Portuguese Venice

    On this last day you can choose to ride 14km or 31km. Always on a flat environment you can choose to finish on km 14 having the rest of the day to visit and to enjoy the beautiful town of Aveiro, or you can continue the ride into a preserved lagoon landscape and visit all that beautiful area near the water. It makes a kind of a loop to come back to the hotel again.

  • 31km (19mi)

  • level 1 (1.0)

  • 170m (560ft)

    Day 6


    After breakfast transfer to Porto airport  (1-hour drive), or to Lisbon (2.5-hour drive).