Climbing Profile

The Charming Pousadas In Alentejo

  • 7 days

  • total: 258km (160mi)

  • 100% asphalt

  • level 3 (2.8)

  • daily average: 52km (32mi)

    Day 1


    Welcome at Lisbon airport. 3-hour drive to Marvão followed by a briefing about your cycling tour in Portugal.

    Day 2

    The Beautiful Natural Park with its Medieval Towns

    You begin this beautiful bicycle tour from the top of one of the highest medieval villages in Portugal. From here you start riding down on a very smooth road, sometimes winding road. It is about 7km of decents with 5% of grade. Until km 16 you will have some ups and downs! But after km 16, and during 1.3km (less than 1 mile) you will find a short climb but very steep. Control your cadence, your balance and your breathing, because the climb is 9% of grade. After this point, the way to the next Pousada will be a “piece of cake”! 😀

  • 48km (30mi)

  • level 3 (2.9)

  • 610m (2000ft)

    Climbing Profile Charming Pousadas in Alentejo, Road Cycling in Portugal

    Day 3

    Cork Oak Trees, Olive Trees and Vast Vineyards

    The bike ride for today is not difficult, but it is a long day on a bicycle. We always try to balance the days. Some are shorter but with more total ascent, other are longer, but with less climbs, and this is the case. The last section of the day (the last 11km) is not so easy because you are already a little bit tired; however, the average grade is only 1.5%.

  • total: 67km (42mi)

  • level 4 (3.7)

  • 900m (2950ft)

    Day 4

    The Capital of Marble

    Today you only have 36km (22mi) on the bicycle, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the vast landscape of Alentejo, with some cattle and cork oak trees. The day is not difficult. However, after km 26, and just before the arrival to the town where you will stay, you still have some climbs. They are not difficult, but you are already at lunch time and the heat is coming. 😉

  • total: 42km (26mi)

  • level 2 (2.0)

  • 380m (1250ft)

    Day 5

    The Old Small Town Famous for its Rugs

    After the shorter day yesterday, today you have the longest day of this bicycle tour. You will cross some small towns and villages, always with cork oak trees, olive tress, and vineyards environment. Control your cadence, because at the end of the route you have a climb to get to the small town where you will stay. It will be a climb with about 3.5km and 3.3% of grade, average.

  • 71km (43mi)

  • level 4 (3.7)

  • 890m (2920ft)

    Day 6

    Towards the Roman Temple

    This is the shortest and the easiest day of your program. And it is like this because you need time to visit the last city, Évora. You only need about 1h30 to reach Évora. You can opt to leave the Pousada a little bit later , or you can spend some time visiting the small town where you are. We advise you to leave your hotel walking with the bicycle. You will understand why! 😉

  • 30km (19mi)

  • level 1 (1.2)

  • 270m (890ft)

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    Day 7


    After breakfast we leave to Lisbon airport – 2-hour drive