Climbing Profile

History, Heritage & Coast

  • 7 days

  • total: 190km (118mi)

  • 68% asphalt + 32% dirt-roads and bike lanes

  • level 2 (2.2)

  • daily average: 38km (24mi)

    Day 1


    Welcome at Lisbon airport. Drive to Fatima and a briefing about your cycling tour in Portugal.

    Day 2

    Towards the Monastery

    This is the first day on your bicycle and it is not a difficult day :). You only find a short climb of 2km at km 13, more or less. After this a long descent will come in the Natural Park until the next small town. Control your bicycle because the begining of this descent is -7% of grade. 😉

  • 30km (19mi)

  • level 2 (1.5)

  • 320m (1050ft)

    Climbing Profile History Heritage and Coast, Hybrid Bike Tour in Portugal

    Day 3

    Towards The Silver Coast

    Comparing with the previous day, today the bike ride is longer, but it is not considered a difficult day. It is a very rolling day on your bicycle. You will have here or there some steep but very short climbs.

  • 44km (27mi)

  • level 3 (2.5)

  • 500m (1640ft)

    Day 4

    The Most Traditional Beach in Portugal

    Very rolling bike day until km 25. Here in Sítio place, and on the way to Nazaré beach down there, you will find a very steep descent!. Please control the speed of your bicycle on this slope of the hill. The inclination is -10% of grade and it takes 1km of length. Now that you are leaving Nazaré it is time to leave the sea level and start to climb again ;). So, at km 30, and right after a sharp curve to the right, the very steep climb appears (you cannot see the climb because of the curve that hides it). You only can do this climb (…if you can) on the granny gear of your bicycle. Please control your balance and your breathing, …it is very important! After the first half of the climb (half a mile and 10% of grade) you still have the second half of this climb (a mile long and 6% of grade). From here you will have a great view to the Nazaré bay. After this you will have a smooth descent until the hotel. A very big section of your bike day of today is made on bike-lanes.

  • 40km (25mi)

  • level 2 (2.3)

  • 560m (1840ft)

    Day 5

    The Most-Well Preserved Medieval Town

    Today it is a short bike day. After km 2 from the start, and because you need to leave the sea level, you will have a climb of 2km and a grade of 7%. It is steep, I know, but also it is feasable because you are still fresh and on the first kilometers of the day ;). When you get to the top of this hill maybe you will feel some wind that comes from your right side, the west side (Atlantic ocean). It is normal :D. A long descent of 4km will lead you to the beach area, again. After this, small ups and downs will apper until you get to the next hotel.

  • 28km (17mi)

  • level 2 (1.7)

  • 410m (1350ft)

    Day 6

    Peniche Peninsula

    This is the last day of your hybrid bicycle tour, and the longest day of you bike program. It is a very rolling day, but prepare yourself for a hilly section beetwen km 16 and 20 with an average of 4% of grade. Today you will ride sometimes on dirt-roads, other times on asphalted roads, along Obidos Lagoon or the beaches of the Atlantic coast.
    Pay attention now: when you get to km 35 of the bike day, you can opt to go directly to the hotel (it is very close) or you can opt to do 12km more, that is the perimeter of Peniche Peninsula, with very great views to the ocean and the beautiful shapes of rocks, and the views to the islands of Berlengas and the shores and beaches. 😉

  • 50km (31mi)

  • level 3 (2.8)

  • 530m (1740ft)

    Day 7


    After breakfast transfer to Lisbon airport (1-hour drive).