Climbing Profile

Jewels Of Portugal

  • 13 days

  • total: 536km (333mi)

  • 100% asphalt

  • level 3 (3.4)

  • daily average: 67 (42mi)

    Day 1


    Welcome at Lisbon airport. 1h30m drive to ร‰vora, the capital of Alentejo region, followed by a briefing about your cycling tour in Portugal.

    Day 2

    Day FREE

    Non-cycling day.
    Free day visiting ร‰vora, a city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

    Day 3

    Towards the Convent Within the Cork-Oak Forest

    The first cycling day of this beautiful and historic bicycle tour is relatively flat. However, prepare yourself for the last kilometer, just before you get to the next hotel, where you will find a climb of 8% of grade.

  • 66km (41mi)

  • level 3 (3.2)

  • 660m (2170ft)

    Climbing Profile Jewels of Portugal, Road Cycling in Portugal

    Day 4

    Marble, the White Gold of Alentejo

    When you leave the hotel you will continue to ride on the same climb of the day before. Don’t worry, it is only 1 mile more, and the grade is only 3% grade (average). After this, a long and smooth decent of 6 km and -4% grade is waiting for you. After this point and the next small climb, the day is very rolling. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 47km (29mi)

  • level 3 (2.8)

  • 670m (2200ft)

    jewels of portugal bicycle tour

    Day 5

    Experiencing Portuguese History

    The ride of today is not difficult, but it is a long day on the bicycle (84km/52mi). The bike day is very rolling in general, but prepare yourself for the last kilometers with a climb of 3km and 3% of grade. It is not too much grade, but at this point you are already tired from the day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 84km (52mi)

  • level 4 (4.1)

  • 1040m (3410ft)

    jewels of portugal bicycle tour

    Day 6

    Cycling Towards the Border with Spain

    Today it is a shorter day on a bicycle comparing with yesterday, but it is hilly. The day starts very smooth but at km 34 there is a climb that is 3km long and 6% of grade. Try to do it before lunch time ;). Control your cadence and your breathing and you will get to the top of the climb :). Then, just before you get to the next small town where you are going to stay, there will be some short climbs, but they are OK. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 59km (37mi)

  • level 4 (3.6)

  • 980m (3220ft)

    Portugal Bike Tours

    Day 7

    Non-cycling day

    Visit to Marvรฃo, the highest medieval village in Portugal, and its castle, to defend our borders from the Spanish invaders (scheduled tours only).

    Visit to a Roman ruins site (scheduled tours only).

    Day 8

    Leaving the Border Area to the Center of Portugal

    This is the longest day of the whole road bike tour. Today you have 94km (58mi) to ride and to enjoy your bicycle. It was impossible to make this day shorter because there aren’t any places to stay in. However, as you can see on the Climbing Profile, the day is very rolling ๐Ÿ™‚ and it shows a downward tendency until kilometer 74, more or less. After this point you only have two climbs, and one of them is to reach the hotel (4% of grade). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 93km (58mi)

  • level 4 (4.1)

  • 940m (3080ft)

    biking in Portugal bike tours

    Day 9

    The Sanctuary and the Limestone Caves

    Day 9 of your program (the 6th day on your bicycle), and also the day before your second rest day! The day of today is shorter, but you have two long climbs. The first climb, at km 7.5, is 6% of grade.ย  The second one, at km 45, is a climb that is 3km long with 6% of grade. Don’t waste time on the morning, otherwise you will do this climb at noon and the heat will not help you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 80km (50mi)

  • level 4 (4.1)

  • 1140m (3740ft)

    cycling in Portugal bike tours

    Day 10

    Day FREE

    Free culture day visiting an impressive 14th century Monastery and several museums around it.

    Day 11

    The beautiful Atlantic Coast and the Monastery

    Again on the road with your road bicycle, towards the Atlantic coast, at km 34. Meanwhile you will find some bike lanes. Please use them for your safety!
    The day is an easy day and a short day, so that you can have time enough to visit another impressive Monastery from 12th century, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO list.

  • 57km (35mi)

  • level 3 (2.5)

  • 410m (1350ft)

    Portugal Bike tours

    Day 12

    Towards the Most Well-Preserved Medieval Town

    Today is your last day on a bicycle. Now that you are at sea level you have to do a climb. This climb, at km 14, is long and its final section is steeper, but it worth it because the great view from its top to the blue ocean is something! ๐Ÿ™‚ The climb is 1.6km long and the average grade is 4%, but the last section (300 meters) is steeper with 6% of grade (…and you are already tired). Then you have a long and very pleasant descent for 6km (-3% grade). Another short climb of 2km at km 24 with 5% grade and that is it for today, basically.

  • 55km (34mi)

  • level 3 (3.0)

  • 620m (2030ft)

    Portugal Bike tours

    Day 13


    After breakfast we leave to Lisbon airport – 1h15min drive