Climbing Profile

The Quiet Villages on the Mountains

  • 6 days

  • total: 231km (144mi)

  • 100% asphalt

  • level 4 (3.7)

  • daily average: 58km (36mi)

    Day 1


    Welcome at Porto (or Lisbon) airport. 1H30 drive to Chaves (from Porto). Briefing about your cycling tour in Portugal.

    Day 2

    Lakes and Castles

    You will ride along very quiet roads in the extreme North of Portugal. After km 5 the first long climb appears. This is the longest climb of the day, 9km long, and 4% of grade. Now you get to the big lake formed by the dam Rabagão. The bike way now is more or less flat but when you are about 2km away from the end there is a climb: 2km long and 5% of grade.

  • 58km (36mi)

  • level 4 (3.6)

  • 1070m (3510ft)

    Climbing Profile Quiet Villages on the Mountains, Road Cycling in Portugal

    Day 3

    Crossing the Border to Spain

    Comparing with last day, today the bike ride is longer but with many descents :). The climbs are shorter, but a little bit steeper, with 6% of grade, and the long descents have the same grade down. So, please, control the speed of your bicycle, because that speed comes up very quickly ;). This long descent starts at km 25 and at km 26 you will cross the border to Spain. Nobody is there, maybe some cows only :D. The descents continue now in Spain territory. Please note: if you are on the Self-Guided mode, please stop at km 22 to eat something, in Pitões das Júnias village, because after this point it is much more difficult to get anything to eat or drink. 😉

  • 65km (40mi)

  • level 4 (3.7)

  • 1000m (3280ft)

    Day 4

    The Quiet Villages on The Plateau

    Today the bike ride is not easy. You have many climbs and they are long. However, it is the shortest day of the whole bicycle tour, to balance it. You will see small but beautiful villages along the way, and you will cross the border to Portugal again. The day finishes with a fast descent, 6km long and -4% of grade.

  • 46km (29mi)

  • level 4 (3.8)

  • 1370m (4500ft)

    Day 5

    The Rural Life in the Valleys

    This is the last day of your road bike tour. Today you will leave the mountains behind. There is only one difficult climb, 6km after you leave your hotel. The landscape is gorgeous and, at the top of the climb, you can admire the hotel at the slope of the valley :). This climb is 3km long and 7% of grade!!. So, it is not an easy climb!. After this point (km 9) the ride is not difficult until you get to the hotel. 🙂

  • 62km (39mi)

  • level 4 (3.7)

  • 1040m (3410ft)

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    Day 6


    After breakfast we drive to Porto airport  (45mn), or to Lisbon airport (4 hours).