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One of the best ways to learn about us is through our guests’ testimonials and reviews. We receive reviews from all over the world and here is just a small selection of the amazing feedback that our guests share with us. Portugal Bike reviews are unedited and posted as they come in. We also invite you to check out our TripAdvisor’s page.



Alex Shepherd

73, Dover, NSW – Australia

We travelled as a group of 7 friends from Australia with another couple unknown to us from USA (they were great company) joining us.

Our hosts Jose and Cristina took care of absolutely everything making the whole experience outstanding. Their knowledge of Portugal and the sights we saw was comprehensive and their willingness to share it provided a good understanding of the history and life in Portugal.

The bikes were great as was the accommodation and meals – Cristina went out of her way to cater for a special dietary condition I have.

Overall a wonderful cycling holiday!!


Steve and Michele Dussault

57 and 56, Dover, NH – United States

Cristina and Jose do an amazing job to ensure you will have a great cycling vacation with them.

This is our second time with Portugal Bike which says a lot for us because we generally do not go back to the same place twice; there is too much to see in the world.

Portugal Bike daily rides are longer allowing for more time in the saddle to enjoy the countryside. With some tour groups you are shuttled around, but the routes that Jose has selected you are able to ride each day from your hotel to the next destination. The bicycles are meticulously maintained and operate flawlessly. Cristina and Jose select the restaurants and fine local wines so as to be able to enjoy the Portuguese culinary.

The Algarve is a beautiful region of Portugal and not to be missed. We are hoping that Portugal Bike will expand to other countries in Europe so that we can ride again with Cristina and Jose!


Richard Merrell

73, Seattle, WA – United States

Just completed Portugal Bike’s 13 day “West Coast and the Algarve” road bike tour and it was outstanding. Portugal Bike is owned and operated by Cristina and Jose Henriques and their attention to detail, safety, and especially their customers is extraordinary. They meticulously plan each tour, every meal, every hotel, and even every picnic is a special event. The bikes are excellent. Jose checks and, if necessary, adjusts them daily to assure top performance over the course of the ride.

October and November are beautiful months to ride in Portugal and Cristina and Jose have put together a stunning route that combines rural countryside, national parks, charming villages and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world into a tour that is truly exceptional.

There is no better way to see and enjoy the diversity of this beautiful country than to do a bike tour with Portugal Bike.

This was my second tour with Portugal Bike and bar none, they are the pinnacle of bicycle tours.


Margaret Madsen

66, Arizona – U.S.A.

Just returned from an amazing tour with Portugal Bike. Our first ever bicycle tour and one that will certainly be hard to beat. Christina & Ricardo’s attention to detail and to the tour group is first-rate. In addition to the beautiful sights of Portugal, the outstanding accommodations and eateries, they impart a wealth of information on the culture and country.

Love Portugal! Love Portugal Bike!


Etienne De Villiers

United Kingdom

What do you get when you put 10 friends from 6 different countries, aged between 40 and a Beatles Song (“will you still feed me?” etc.) of varying cycling abilities (semi pro to semi comatose) and consistently competitive, idiosyncratic, irreverent and iconoclastic, on bikes and send them down the west and south coasts of Portugal? Bedlam? An unmitigated disaster? A perfect recipe for a series of crashes, punctures and missed turns?

Answer: All of the above, if left to their own devices.

Reality: With Portugal Bike, bravely and beautifully marshalled by Jose the Shepherd and Cristina the Provider, a perfect, unforgettable cultural and cycling symphony. We had a blast.

Jose was initially terrified that we were out of control. He was right, we were. But the two of them brought order to these exuberant delinquents with their calm professionalism and knowledge of the road, the country and its splendor. They both love what they do, are proud of their country and their role in making their guests feel special, and nothing is too much trouble.

We stayed in great places, saw wonderful sights, ate very well, learned about the country and its culture and respected our need for speed …well, we thought we were fast. We had 3 local Portuguese friends and they were equally impressed.

When considering a biking holiday in Portugal, think Portugal Bike. As a certain Mr Zimmerman said: ” Don’t think twice, it’s alright”.


David White

62, Bend, Oregon – U.S.A.

If you are a North American cyclist looking for an international adventure, please consider a cycling trip in Portugal with Portugal bike.com. My wife and I have made 8 trips with this great company!

Portugal has everything you need for a great cycling adventure that includes history, food and relaxation. The climate is warm and sunny, the roads and trail are safe, the food is great and the people are wonderful. You can ride on coastal cliffs, through quiet granitic villages in the north, or see the whitewashed cottages in the Alentejo. A variety of tours – road bike(asphalt), hydrid (asphalt and dirt roads) , and mountain bike (dirt roads and trails) are offered.

See the unique natural landscapes – the cliffs on the coast and the Arrabida forest of stone pine with umbrella canopies shaped by the maritime winds. See the cork forests and learn how it is cultivated in this unique environment. While riding in the south, the air is pungent with the sweet smells of rock-rose, rosemary and sage. A breadth of history abounds! See ancient megalithic monuments, roman ruins, moorish castles, 18th century villages and sleep in palaces and monasteries that have been converted to modern luxury hotel “pousadas”. See the historical influences of Paganism, Islam and Christianity in the architecture. Visit the homes and ports of the world’s earliest navigators and explorers.
Enjoy an abundance of freshly prepared and grilled seafood or juicy black pork or native beef. Or enjoy a delicately flavored “Cataplana de peixe” (fish stew) with fresh tamboril (monkfish), garoupa (grouper) and camarão (shrimp).

Jose and Cristina will meet you at the airport and take you to the first hotel at the start of the trip and be with you for the duration, returning you to the airport with plenty of time to make your flight. They are the ambassadors of the country and sport they love, in their company – Portugal Bike. They know the less travelled and scenic routes to ride, the places to stay and the great restaurants. They have all the details worked out – great bikes, transit, and exposure to a new country!

Take some additional time to discover the economy of Portugal. Portugal was the winner of 24 awards in the 2016 World Travel Awards including top beach destination. Portugal is also a leader in software, machinery, moulds, textiles, ceramics, wind and solar energy and shoes.

As a cyclist in 8 Portugal Bike trips, you can’t go wrong with this adventure!


Todd Burger

62, Lexington, Massachusetts – United States

Are you looking for an exceptional bike tour? This tour and the company that runs this tour are very likely to exceed your expectations.

The Jewels of Portugal tour offers a very well planned route, amazing sights, well-tuned bicycles, informative tour guides, good food and local wine and comfortable and unique four-star lodging. But let’s not stop there: The tour leader, van driver and sweep rider are pleasant, funny, exceptionally caring, watchful for everyone’s safety and enjoyment and just delightful people. This Portugal Bike tour has all this and more including great route documentation with sights not to miss, activities along the way, route profile info and riding tips.

On top of all this, this owner-operated tour company manages all the logistics exceptionally well. And I don’t say this lightly or often (I am a international management consultant specializing in logistics and transportation who is extremely demanding on these points). Portugal Bike’s team manages the pickup/drop-off coordination, luggage handling, and other elements incredibly well. They always ensured that all the restaurants and hotels were ready for us, making check-in and sitting to down to great meals together a breeze at the end of a long day’s ride.

Some of the days are challenging (expect some hill climbing!), but your guide has the rest stops planned just right so you are ready to tackle the climbs. They also offer electric-assist hybrid bikes and the van is always available if you need a lift.

At the end of the tour, you will have a great appreciation of all that Portugal has to offer, have made some new friends and realize that Portugal Bike has managed to raise the bar against which all bike touring companies are measured.

After taking ten trips with five different bike tour companies across North America and Europe, I can easily say that Portugal Bike was clearly the best and offered the most enjoyable experience.


Melleta Wilson

Sidney, Australia

Without a doubt this was the best organised tour led by the most charming people.

Jose, Christina and Ricardo treated us like family. Every detail was taken care of. Although I rode in the support vehicle with two other women, we chose not to ride the bikes, we had the best time. Christina was a delightful and very knowledgable guide and excellent driver.

The bike riders were well pleased with the bikes provided. Three women rode assisted bikes and were very happy with them. We kept in close contact with the riders and stopped with them along the way. We generally arrived at our well chosen destinations early enough giving us time to explore.

The food was great, often regional and delicious as was the wine. Highly recommended.


Boyd Lyon

63, Corvalls, Oregon – United States

My wife and I just finished Portugal Bike’s two week tour through the center of Portugal (Alentejo and the coast) with a group of 14 cyclists guided by José, Cristina and Ricardo.

This was a very well organized and executed cycling trip. The route was exciting, through the cork and olive groves, across rolling landscapes, past vineyards and marble quarries and limestone caves, out to the central coast north of Lisbon.

(…) Cristina and José (and Ricardo) are seasoned, patient and adaptable guides; they know their routes, they organize great lodging and meals, and they provide a context and passion which frankly you might miss on a self-guided trip.

We’ve participated in a number of Backroads (and other) adventures in the past; Portugal Bike is every bit as good, at a fraction of the cost. Maybe the peak moment: staring down from the walls of the Marvao castello, over valleys settled by the Romans, shaded by grand chestnuts, contemplating a dinner of pork and clams steamed in a copper cataplana. Go for it!


Tony Tran

44, Houston, Texas – United States

Having been on many cycling vacations on five continents, I would rate this one of the best, if not, the best bike experience ever.

What makes this vacation special are the people behind Portugal Bike, José and Cristina, who are not only passionate, experienced, knowledgeable, and excellent about what they do, but they are also genuinely wonderful people, who are attentive, nice, and accommodating to the people in the group. From the jaw-dropping, stunning bike routes through the photogenic landscape of Portugal that they took the group on, to the wonderful hotels where we stayed at, to the diverse, delectable cuisine of Portugal they introduced us to, it was just more than a vacation; it was truly an unforgettable experience and a feast for the senses.

I would gladly give this trip 6 stars if it were possible.


Gina Evans

69, Melbourne – Australia

As a person of little bike experience, I have to say my two week tour of Portugal was truly rewarding.

I travelled with my husband who is a competent rider, but the company provided me with an excellent hybrid electric bike which compensated. I was amazed how well I managed and it was through the assistance of the team at Portugal Bike who met the needs of everyone with their encouragement, good breaks along the way, excellent accommodation and attention to safety and every other detail that made it so outstanding.

We both learnt so much about Portugal with the team’s descriptions on the way and visits to unique Portuguese sites of interest. We gathered together as a family at the end having shared a lovely adventure.

Thank you Jose, Cristina and Ricardo.


Mary Davis

60, Bellingham, Washington – United States

I traveled to Lisbon with three other women friends to go on a bike tour. It was a trip of a lifetime.

We are all cyclists and the opportunity to ride great bikes, travel on amazing roads with such a range of scenery and natural beauty was amazing.

Jose was a great guide and shared his knowledge of the region, wines, historical sites, information about the areas and the people. He was incredibly patient as we stopped to take pictures (of cows, sheepherders, plants, the ocean, flowers, each other…we took pictures of everything!!!) we checked out an antique store and he waited while we waded into the ocean. The rides were just as they had listed them in terms of terrain and distance. Perfect! Cristina was fantastic at anticipating everyone’s needs and interests. If you mentioned that you liked something to eat it would magically appear at the next picnic. They are a great team and couple.

I would do the trip again and hope to do the inland one next. I want to share the experience with my husband. The hotel choices, the restaurants and the stops were all perfect choices. Everything was first class and beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you! , Thank you! Thank you!


Curtis Hancock

72, WI – United States of America

I took the Toward the Algarve self-guided 6 day tour with my grandson in late October. We were driven to the starting point on the coast south of Lisbon after a thorough orientation.

The preprogramed Garmin GPS kept us on course, and all the local attractions and hotels and restaurants along the way were available in a cellphone app, as well as a guide book with paper maps.

The coastal scenery was beautiful, and the Scott 20 hybrid bikes that we requested were the best I have every had on a bike tour, and appeared to be new.

The seafood was a delight, since I come from central U.S. The hotels were primarily 4 star and better than what I book in my personal travels.

I look forward to another tour with this company in the future.


Carol Houser

56, Toronto, ON – Canada

Four fit and enthusiastic friends/cyclists recently completed a self-guided cycling adventure through Portugal Bike of the Algarve. We had a fantastic time. We organized the tour with Cristina but Luis handled everything else, from the pick-up, to the orientation meeting (complete with snacks!), to emergency bike repairs and to the final drop-off. Nothing was too much for him! We appreciated his efforts and enjoyed talking to him during our transfers.

We enjoyed the places we stayed in along the Algarve. The food was outstanding everywhere we went and the people we met were friendly, helpful and gracious. We loved riding through national parks and along the coast. The drivers were very considerate and we did not encounter any problems thanks to our trust-worthy GPS!

We highly recommend Portugal Bike. We would not hesitate to do another cycling trip through this company, especially with a team that includes Luis!


Julie Richards

Bath – United Kingdom

We booked a self guided bike tour and from the moment we were met at Lisbon airport to the moment we were dropped off we can not fault any aspect of the holiday or service. Louis met us and set up our bikes (these were v well maintained bikes if a higher standard and spec than we were expecting). He took us to our first hotel and gave us. Very comprehensive briefing.

The route was amazing (from Sesimbra to Lagos) the overnight hotels were all of a great standard and the recommendations for where to lunch and eat dinner were all spot on.
It is obviously a source of great personal pride to the whole team that everything is perfect and they manage to achieve this with ease.

We very rarely return to the same country, preferring to explore new places; however what they do is so perfect in every way we are already looking at their other tours for next year!

Thank you Louis and Christina; we’ll see you next year!


Cynthia Bensley

53, Natick, MA – United States

My husband and I recently biked Towards the Algarve (guided) as part of our honeymoon in Portugal. We had an amazing time and can’t say enough good things about José, Cristina, Ricardo and Portugal Bike. From the moment we were picked up in Lisbon to the last day when we were dropped off at the airport, we literally did not have to think about a single detail. José and Cristina’s meticulous attention to detail and their focus on the needs and enjoyment of each cyclist was always apparent.

Each day’s ride consisted of beautiful scenery, both coastal and inland, as well as Jose’s fun and interesting “lesson” stops covering a myriad of topics such as the history of a small village, insights into cork tree farms and harvest, or the source of the amazing scents that filled the air (like Cistus ladanifer and eucalyptus).

We all loved the picnic snack and lunch stops “catered” by Cristina which always included delicious local, fresh fruits, veggies, baked breads and sweet treats as well as Portuguese olive oil and incredible cheeses.

After arriving at a small town or village each afternoon, we had time to explore the area and/or relax by the pool before heading out for a dinner of authentic Portuguese food at a lively, local restaurant. The accommodations were all great, our favorite being the B&B Monte Joao Roupeiro in Aljezur. Magical!

If you are considering experiencing Portugal by bike, I highly recommend doing it with Portugal Bike!


Dedrick Burch

65, Georgia, Atlanta – United States

I cannot say enough good things about this trip. Everything went perfectly (including the weather). Jose and Cristina proved to be the perfect hosts. They managed to pull off every part of this trip without a single hitch. Every detail was well thought out. This was my 4th cycling trip in Europe and by far the best. We were furnished with first rate bikes (carbon) with upgraded components.

We took their trip Towards the Algarve, which starts in Sines and runs along the coast for about 200 miles. The scenery was breathtaking. I have biked in the Provence region of France and through the countryside in Puglia, Italy, but this area of Portugal is the most beautiful that I have seen.

We stayed in beautiful hotels throughout the trip. Jose biked with us everyday and Cristina would meet us for lunch and then at the hotel, where our bags would be waiting in our rooms. They arranged a wonderful meal each night, which always included fantastic wines.

The biking turned out to be just the right amount The shortest day, 25 miles, was challenging due to the climbs, and the longest, 74 miles, was fairly easy since the terrain was mostly flat.

Cycling is a great way to see this beautiful country, so I would encourage you to check out Portugal Bike if you have any interest in seeing Portugal.


Lloyd Widom

62, NY – United States

Our guided cycling tour of the Pousadas of the Alentejo couldn’t have been better, especially after we postponed it twice due to the pandemic.

The accomodations were wonderful and unique, the food and wine was delicious and plentiful (and how!), the scenery, especially the cork trees, was unlike anything we’d seen before, and our guides, Andre and Ricardo, took care of all of our needs.

Cycling abilities in our family group range from strong to none (one non-rider), but everyone on the bikes enjoyed riding the region’s rolling terrain. We all rode nicely appointed road bikes that were expertly maintained and functioned without a hitch.

We’ve been on many guided cycling vacations, with both large (you know the names) and small outfitters, and found the trip with Portugal Bike to be one of the best.


Dawn Morrow

69, Nanaimo, BC – Canada

We just completed a six day bike trip with Portugal Bike, exploring the Charming Pousadas of Alentejo.
There was no detail missed by the owners Jose and Christina who were not only charming, informative and fun, but took such good care of us, we didn’t want to get out of the van at the train station on our return to Lisbon.

We learned everything one could need to know about cork which was fascinating, not to mention a multitude of other subjects ranging from historical to cultural to gastronomical, all this while enjoying a great bike ride every day, wonderful accommodation and great meals, especially the picnics Christina made for us every lunch.

Don’t wait, book now for next year. You won’t regret it.


Carol Buchanan

61, Long Beach – United States

WOW! Do you like history, culture, beauty, delicious and different food, wonderful wine, but most importantly, lovely and gracious guides? Then this trip is for you!

I am not a cyclist and I was able to keep up with those who were with the ELECTRIC bicycle (available for slightly more $.). It still gave me more than enough exercise each day so I could enjoy the delicious breakfasts, picnic lunches and delightful dinners with Christina and Jose each evening.

Every Pousada was an exotic encounter with the past, a castle or a convent!

We visited wineries, a pottery artesian in his shop, a rug museum, a marble quarry and more. We met great new people who like exercise, adventure and travel too!

The only thing I would change is to go earlier or later in the year. Even though it is quite hot here in July, the mornings and evenings are lovely and cool.

A trip of a lifetime!


Jenny Travis

60, Auckland – New Zealand

A road bike tour of 6 Pousada’s in historic Alentejo. Everything was perfect, from the pick up at the Airport to our drop off at our apartment door in Lisboa.

The bikes were the correct size, high quality and well maintained. Each day, tyres were checked, bike speedos zeroed and bottles filled ready for the day’s cycling.

Christina and Jose, our guides are very knowledgeable and share local information regarding the region, the Pousada’ s, food and wine. Everything is taken care of – all we had to do was ride and enjoy! Their local knowledge gives a far better insight than you have being an average tourist. We were met by Christina at an appropriate break with a perfect picnic, complete with table cloth! 60km days in extreme heat made it a well worth challenge.

At the end of each day’s ride is yet another magnificent Pousada with an incredible history, a stunning pool and a village to explore.

I can only praise the organization and highly recommend Portugal Bike. Would we do it again – a resounding YES!


Len Ioffe

52, Bronx, New York – United States

My wife and I have just come back from the Charming Pousadas in Alentejo tour with Jose and Cristina. It was absolutely amazing. Cristina has provided all necessary information prior to the tour and answered all our questions. The tour was planned really well. Jose is a very knowledgeable guide who led us riding, but also stopped and shared history of Portugal and its cultural traditions.

We learned about cork trees, marble production, meaning of colors of houses in Alentejo. We visited castles that go back to the 11th century, cycled on beautiful roads, stayed in unbelievable places. Can you imagine staying in a hotel that used to be a monastery built in the 13th century and having 3 stone walls in your room actually built in the 13th century? And how about staying in a former castle where paintings on the walls date back to the 15th century? Cristina and Jose planned evenings as well with visits to wineries, museums and great dinners in very interesting restaurants.

We hope that one day we will come back for another tour. And it would definitely be with Jose and Cristina. If you like cycling and want to visit Portugal, Portugal Bike is the only company you need to know.

Cristina, Jose, thank you for the wonderful week!


Emil Skobellof

66, Wallingford, Pennsylvania – United States

I’m always wary of reviews with too many superlatives. So, I had some doubt when I read all the wonderful things people had written about their experiences with Portugal Bike.

My friends, I need to tell you IT’S ALL TRUE!

Our friends, my wife and I all had a fantastic time with Jose and Cristina. Our expectations were far surpassed. This was one of the best weeks of my life. We rode. We saw beautiful sights, too many to count. The vistas were breathtaking, the architecture amazing, the people friendly and the food and accommodations were fabulous.
More than that, however, Jose and Cristina are national treasures of Portugal. They are genuinely lovely, friendly, welcoming people who do everything in their power to make your experience an amazing adventure. If you’re wondering if you should go to Portugal, go there.

If you can’t make up your mind who should guide your tour, choose Portugal Bike. They are tremendous.



Atlanta, Georgia – United States

We recently did a self-guided bike tour in the Alentejo region of Portugal. All details, from the bikes themselves, to the routes, to the accommodations, were handled by Portugal Bike. This was our 7th European bike trip (we’ve done everything from super-organized guided tours to finding our own way on a tandem), and this was definitely one of our favorites!

Starting with the gear– the bikes were top of the line, and much nicer than what we ride at home! So that made the journey very comfortable and easy. They gave us GPS devices that had all the routes pre-loaded, so we were able to focus on the scenery instead of worrying about the next turn. (Although route sheets and maps are “fun” in a different kind of way, this was SOOOO much better!). They also gave us cell phones with all of their numbers pre-loaded, in case we ran into any problems, portable chargers just in case we ran out of juice, and blinking lights for the back of the bike. So we were prepared!!

I’m a stickler for organization, and Portugal Bike was GREAT in that respect. Communication ahead of the trip was perfect, so we knew exactly what to expect. And they were right on time with the transports. The notes they put together for the rides were extremely helpful, too.

The rides were stunning– beautiful countryside, lots of farm animals, neverending fields of flowers, charming small towns, hilltop villages, LOTS of castles/fortresses, … everything we go to Europe to see! For our group (primarily runners rather than cyclists), the rides were just the right amount of challenging, with rolling hills and the occasional quad-burning sustained uphill. Most of our time was spent on small roads with little traffic, but there were stretches of less appealing “highway”, probably unavoidable to get us to where we needed to go. Almost all of the roads were in great condition.

And last but not least, the accommodations exceeded all expectations! We usually allocate money toward good food, wine, and adventure, and skimp on hotels, because we don’t plan to spend much time in the rooms. But wow, the inns and pousadas where we stayed on this trip were exceptional!

All in all, a GREAT trip, and a great value!


Malika Nekoo

51, Washington DC, MD – United States

Better than Backroads!!
My husband and I just finished the Ancient Medieval Villages Supported trip. We did not know what to expect since we have been spoiled by previous 5 star trips from Backroads. But this time, I wanted to utilize a local company and read such great reviews from tripadvisor. The price of Portugal Bike is less than half the price of Backroads and I can honestly tell you that if I had to do another bike tour in Portugal, I would ONLY go with Portugal Bike.

They have a vast knowledge of all regions of the country and have connected with wonderful locals and charming hotels to make this trip unforgettable. Ricardo was our superman support system and right hand man. He was there every step of the way. In fact, when we arrived at our destination each day, we would purposely try to lose him so we could stay on our bikes longer. He would just shake his head, laugh and tell us that finding us on GPS was like trying to gather children. He was AMAZING!! In fact if Cristina and Jose are reading this, I think he needs a promotion immediately. He was professional, always punctual and delivered great service. I never thought biking in 50 degree weather with huge headwinds and rain would actually feel rewarding at the end of the day. It made us appreciate the beautiful sun even more!

Biking has a way of transforming you. It is by far the best way to see any country and get to know the culture. It is when we can interact with the locals that we all realize we are all connected!!

Congratulations Portugal Bike for what appears to be a stellar team! I will recommend you to all our friends back in Washington DC!!!!


George Parsons

70, Brush Prairie, WA – United States

A wonderful ride through the medieval villages near the Spanish border.

Jose and Andre made the trip exceptional. We stayed in 5 star hotels, had great meals and learned of the various industries of Portugal, including cork, pottery, wine, and marble.

I highly recommend Portugal Bike for your next adventure in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe.


Nat Cobb

68, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico – United States

We wanted to bike tour in Portugal with an interest in history and local farming, but we didn’t want to find the route and hotels. Portugal Bike had just the week-long tour for the four of us! They patiently answered all of our advance questions, and when we arrived they were at the appointed place to greet us. They provided us with excellent quality bikes – we chose hybrid bikes for the lower gears and wider tires, both useful when visiting medieval hilltop villages. They gave us two GPS units with the route preloaded, as well as paper backups and their own phone app with more information and maps.

The hotel selection was interesting and excellent. Our stay at a restored convent was absolutely amazing. The route was very good, lots of tiny country roads with little traffic, and the occasional stretch of busier road. Fortunately the Portugese drivers are respectful of cyclists and we felt comfortable most of the time. Our bags were picked up each morning and deposited at our next hotel, never a hitch.

We really enjoyed the freedom of being self-guided, with the knowledge that we could call Portugal Bike for help if we ever needed it. We had some weather and had to sit out a storm or two under a tree or in a bus stop, and we missed our turn once and found ourselves at the Spanish border, but that all added to the adventure and we always made it to our hotel before dinner. We always had time to tour the castles and forts, some of them dating back to Moorish times.

The price was very reasonable, like 1/3 of the cost of a certain US company that begins with a B. And the wildflowers! Endless fields of flowers. I highly recommend risking a bit of rain in early season to see the countryside so green and blooming.


Robert Crifasi

60, Boulder, Colorado – United States

This was a bike tour around Alentejo’s medieval villages. We hired Portugal Bike Tours for support and bike rentals on this trip.

We are experienced bikers, and consequently were very pleased to discover the excellent equipment and support we received from Portugal Bike Tours. They have really great German Cube bikes and even ergonmic Selly saddles. Everything was clean and well tuned.

The riding itself was great, and we got onto many of side roads and off the beaten track routes that I do not think we could have found without lots of experience with the area. Jose, who supported us was a wealth of knowledge and very friendly.

This is the first time we used Portugal Bike Tours, and would hire them again if we return. The booking went smoothly and professionally.


Ross Fairburn

64, Sidney, Australia

We (16 friends from Australia) have just completed a fantastic 12 night tour through the Alentejo Region of Portugal. Portugal Bike have provided a wonderful bike touring holiday for us….from supplying well maintained road bikes, to superior accommodation in Pousadas, wonderful picnic lunches during the rides, superb dinners and wines. Everything has been perfectly arranged and managed.

Jose and Cristina (and ably supported by Ricardo riding shotgun at the rear of the peloton) have been gracious hosts, keen to show us their country and to treat us like friends.

Our cycling group has now done 8 road bike tours in various countries and this one has to be one the best, if not the best! Thank you Jose & Cristina for a marvellous cycling holiday.


Adam Singer

63, St Albans – United Kingdom

Cristina and Jose created a wonderful week. A great route, with enough challenge, good hotels, good food, and of course being in Alentejo some of the best wines in Europe. Let alone fantastic scenery.

Our group has been cycling one week a year for the last 20 years, and this is a highly, picky bunch of successful people, used to the best; that there was no grumbles, and just a continuous repetition of ‘wow,’ shows how well it went.

We have cycled in the USA, and in most countries in Western Europe, and we all agreed this was one of the best bike tours we have ever had. We had one unforeseeable issue and Cristina dropped every thing at 6pm that evening drove 2 hours and delivered a new wheel, and then a 2 hour drive home. Great service.


Bill Burke & Catalina Nocon

64 & 62, Sunriver, Oregon – United States

What a great experience! Having previously completed bicycling tours in other countries we were very impressed with our experience with Portugal Bike. The tour was well-organized and well-supported. José and Cristina demonstrate an eye for detail, planning, and interest in their clients. They are wonderful ambassadors for their country! Prior to the trip all our questions were answered promptly and comprehensively. During the trip José and Cristina ably communicated information necessary for the ride as well as superior knowledge of the terrain, environment, history and culture of Portugal.

Pre-ride orientation and daily briefings kept us apprised of what to expect, how to stay safe on the road, care for equipment, and language and cultural differences. The thoughtful itinerary kept us on quality roads with safe riding conditions and interesting stops at castles, ruins, marble quarries, cork trees, and scenery. Rest stops and picnic lunches were well timed and evenly spaced. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that traffic on the designed routes was very light and drivers were extremely, cautious, polite, and safety conscious. All accommodations were comfortable and well appointed. Arrangements varied from hotels, to boutique hotels, to convents and historical pousadas. Dining experiences provided fine examples of local cuisine and excellent Portuguese wine selection.

The equipment was the best we’ve seen on an organized tour. The road bikes were extremely well tuned and in excellent condition. Helpful accessories included computers, rear mirrors, and seat bags. We found that we had unnecessarily packed bicycling equipment that we simply never needed. The transport van was large and comfortable.

We will always look back on our tour with Portugal Bike with fondness and appreciation for José and Cristina as well as for Portugal, it’s welcoming people, culture and history.

Thank you Portugal Bike for the warm, lasting memories of Portugal!


Cindi Hunt

56, Oregon – United States

I’ve just reluctantly ended The Ancient Medieval Villages bike tour. José and Cristina (owners) were amazing hosts, guides and cheerleaders. The scenery, equipment, accommodations and food were amazing and interesting.

I am already trying to choose which tour to take next. I’m also ready to ride despite a few sore muscles that I hope will balance the amount of wonderful food eaten.

Both José and Cristina answered questions as if it was the first time asked… (after being in business twenty years I’m pretty sure none of us had an original question). In that regard, I would encourage anyone interested in Portugal Bike to skip the self guided tour option and get the benefit of the knowledge, small places and answers to obscure questions/answers that you would be otherwise missing. Simply put…. Amazing adventure with amazing people! Thank you Portugal Bike!

They are very accommodating if you decide to bring your own equipment. I brought my own pedals clip-ins for the asphalt and flats for the cobblestones (two sided) – but I didn’t need to in retrospect. Skip bringing your own helmet. They have very clean equipment and helmets are hard to pack.

Newsflash – this area of Portugal is not only amazingly beautiful, but also does not have laundromats. I’m glad I brought my riding shoes that I could also easily walk in. Don’t forget your riding gloves or swimsuit (yes I forgot my swimsuit).

Thank you José and Cristina for a fabulous taste of your beautiful country.


Susan Sourtney

55, Ontario – Canada

We just returned from a road cycling trip in the north of Portugal with Portugal Bike. This was my second trip with the company in a self guided capacity and it was a great trip. The bikes are fantastic with disc brakes, much appreciated on long descents.

We were picked up and dropped off pre and post which was wonderful. The accommodations were varied and generally very nice and quiet.

It was challenging cycling because of the climbs, but still well enough time to explore for the active cyclist.

I would recommend this company for sure. Thanks for a great trip.


Mary Jo Spector

Monroeville, Pensilvania – United States

Portugal Bikes were excellent hosts and delivered an experience that was beyond compare.

On their Quiet Villages on the Mountains tour, we had great food, hotels, and wonderful scenic rides through rural villages and the countryside.

Luis and Ricardo did nearly everything, we just had to power up those hills. They gave us a true Portugal experience, including those essential expresso stops.

I can’t say enough good things about them and the trip. Would use them again if I ever get the chance.


Barbara Cooper

58, Mississauga – Canada

This was our second trip with Jose and Cristina, and we were extremely happy with all aspects (we took The Ancient Medieval Villages tour in May 2013).

Jose and Cristina have planned a challenging, scenic and interesting route, with very quiet roads of smooth pavement. The bikes were of highest quality and a pleasure to ride.

(…) We had a 5 hour hike on Day 4, which was a nice diversion from cycling and offered scenery we would not otherwise have experienced.

Cristina provided refreshments at desirable locations along the route and nutritious lunches. Hosts are both very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of the region. They accommodated our specific needs with a smile (dropped us off at our hotel instead of at the airport which was wonderful and much appreciated).

We hope to take another trip with Portugal Bike! Thank you, Jose and Cristina!


Carolyn Baer

53, Moncton – Canada

This was our second trip with Portugal bike, this time doing The Quiet Villages on the Mountains. Spectacular scenery, great hotels and as always amazing hosts.

If you want to see Portugal by bike, this is the group to go with. On day one, Jose and Cristina are your guides, on day two they are friends and by day three they become part of your extended family!

We have done the south and the north of Portugal and both trips were outstanding yet different. The descriptions of the biking are very accurate. The bikes are high end and very well maintained. Jose and Cristina go out of their way to ensure that everyone has a great time and is comfortable with the biking.

Don’t look any further if you plan to bike in Portugal.


Dedrick Burch

69, Atlanta, Georgia – U.S.A.

This is my second trip with Jose and Cristina, and they provide that personal touch that make cycling in Portugal feel more like a family adventure. I went on their Quiet Villages on the Mountains road bike tour this year. The riding was very difficult, so I would not recommend this trip except for very experienced cyclists. There was a very unseasonable heat wave in Europe that week, which contributed to the difficulty. However, the scenery was spectacular, so that made the hard climbs worthwhile.

The first night was spent in Chaves in the Hotel Rural Casas. I think this is the most beautiful place I have stayed. It is a former manor house that has been modernized with all the modern conveniences, including a pool. The hotel owner, who spoke perfect English, was charming and witty. Not only did he check us in, but he waited on us in the hotel dining room that night.

The second night was spent in Montalegre, which is a charming village with a castle perched on the edge of a hill with beautiful views. I enjoyed sipping a couple of Super Bock beers with the locals (1 Euro each by the way). We biked across the border into Spain on our second day of riding and spent two nights in Lobios in a resort like setting. There was a beautiful river next to the hotel and also some natural hot springs. The river was a great place of swimming and cooling off during the unusually hot weather. There were quiet a few European tourist there, so it was a great place for people watching. Jose and Christina led us on a 3 mile hike that day along the river.

The next day was a difficult day of cycling to the lovely village of Peneda. We stopped for a picnic in the National Park and from there to our hotel, which was a former lodging house for pilgrims. The hotel was in a beautiful setting and was nicely modernized but lacked air conditioning, which normally would not be needed.

The next day was our most difficult day of cycling as our total ascent was about 1 mile. Again, the scenery was spectacular, which made our efforts worthwhile. Our modern hotel that night was in The Lima Hotel in the beautiful city of Ponte de Lima. The hotel was in a beautiful park setting right next to the river. (Ponte de Lima is a city I would like to visit again). We ate a delicious seafood stew that night and enjoyed some refreshing Portuguese wine, Vinho Verde (which I am trying desperately to find here in the US).

I would highly recommend Portugal Bike to anyone who enjoys cycling, and I hope to go on a 3rd trip with Jose and Cristina next year or the following. They offer a wide variety of trips from easy to difficult. Portugal is one of the most beautiful places I have visited and the Portuguese people are so friendly and nice.


PT Lam


My husband and I just returned from The Quiet Villages on the Mountains trip with Jose and Cristina. Accommodation was very good, daily lunches had a nice touch of local specials, cheese, fruit (flat peaches in Portugal are simply delicious) and other lovely local produce, whilst dinners were fabulous, with a generous supply of quality local wine.

We have done several other guided cycling trip in other countries (which were also very good), this one was the most enjoyable. Jose asked me what made the difference, i think it’s a combination of the hosts, the choice of route, the excellent bikes (Scott carbon fibre bikes) and other well thought through touches.

As this was one of their tougher tours with a fair bit of ascend, there was nice chilled bottle of champagne to celebrate the successful conquer of the quiet hills at the finish.

Portugal is a gem of a country, I highly recommend PortugalBike if you are considering a cycling trip with hosts who are clearly passionate about their country and what they do.



Anita Wiseth

58, California – United States

Portugal Bikes provided us with a high quality experience, starting with the orientation by the founder, quality bikes, 4 and 5 star hotels, impeccable service and a route (from Porto to Aveiro) that exposed us to a variety of sceneries from beaches to mountains. The pick up and delivery of our luggage was always timely.

Loved the whole experience and we are already thinking of booking another trip with Portugal for winter time further south. The fact that the original founders are still heavily involved is a huge plus!


Villette Nolon

63, WA – United States

We’ve been on other bike trips, but none compared to this one.

Our guides were friendly, caring and informative. Bikes were in great shape. The hotels were first class, always in a great location. The food was fabulous.

Portugal is a lovely country, very clean and safe. I would definitely come back again!


Gordon Mickelson

70, Denver, CO – United States

We did a supported tour Along The Coast from Porto. We were lucky to have the owner of the company José accompany us. He was fabulous. Everything was great. Hotels and bikes were perfect.

We had plenty of time to explore all the cities ant small towns we went through. José was always around if we needed something. This is a great company!


Anne Pfeiffer

65, Sydney – Australia

Absolutely stunning tour down the coast, organised by Cristina and assisted by Luis!

The bikes were superb, accommodation fabulous, and everyday was a different experience for us, and very relaxing knowing that all details of the holiday were in capable hands.

We have already suggested to many of our friends that this is the best way to see the “real Portugal” and we are already looking forward to doing it all again in another part of Portugal, perhaps next year.

Very professional people, who have covered all bases for a wonderful cycling experience, even for two women in their 60’s!


Denise Lynette

67, Bellevue, WA – United States

The bike tour we took with Portugal Bike was fabulous!

The bikes were great. The food was superb! The hotels were all very nice and unique. One of them was recently featured in an international design magazine.

We loved the guides and want to adopt them! Their English was great and their sense of humor was even better.

We are coming back for more tours with Portugal Bike!


Angel Moreno

75, Gilbert, Arizona – United States

My experience with Portugal Bike far exceeded my expectations! Our guides seemed to anticipate our needs and wants before we even thought about of them. The hotels chosen for our stays were beautifully located for views and comfort.

One of my favorite part of the trip was arriving to the restaurants in the evenings and experiencing the diverse selection of foods and wines.

I recommend our bike tour for people of any age, but senior adults will feel right at home in this magnificent country on a bike.


Brian Specht

70, Vancouver – Canada

In September 2015, my wife and I and three fun-loving Irish ladies cycled the History, Heritage & Coast guided bike tour. The hybrid bikes were state-of-the art, and the rides were safe, interesting, varied and very enjoyable. Our superlative guide, Jose, provided us with informative historical and environmental insights, while detail oriented Cristina organized our transportation, lodging and outstanding meals. The whole operation was professionally run with a caring and friendly approach, providing for a quality experience.

Overall, we can’t say enough positive things about our trip and would highly recommend Portugal Bike tours.


Joanne Nolte

49, London, Ontario – Canada

Portugal Bike’s hybrid tour of the “History and Coast” exceeded all of my expectations.

I was impressed by the knowledge of our guides, the excellent & new equipment (bike, helmet, trip odometers, packs, water bottles, transport van) and also the condition and location of all hotels and restaurants – always well situated with the best views and food. Cristina and Jose recommended excellent regional choices for wine and for dinner – which we loved.

Having met some cyclists en route who had planned their own trip, we’re convinced that Portugal Bike is the way to go: best routes/little traffic, varied pathways, healthy & plentiful picnics, and no worries …about anything!!

I know, I would love to try a different tour next time, and possibly tack on a 2nd week while I’m at it! I cannot compliment Jose & Cristina enough – a very classy duo!


Kristine Lederman

42, Florida – United States

Thank you for the best vacation ever. (…) I am so impressed with your company and I am telling everyone; you were tour guides, personal trainers, translators, concierge, taxi, caterers, historians, friends and professional business operators.

Portugal Bike takes care of everything, all you need to do is ride and enjoy!! Great home made lunches, excellent local restaurants, transportation and translation services you will be thrilled with your vacation. The time I spent off the bicycle was as interesting and diverse as during the ride.

Portugal Bike is priceless and you (Jose and Cristina) are a pleasure. Spending a week with 2 total strangers and trusting their judgement was a concern of mine before selecting my trip.

I recommend you both on your character and integrity; you are both excellent people (personally and as business owners).

I HIGHLY recommend this trip to everyone and anyone who has a pulse and a desire to see a beautiful country. By bike, land and van, ocean coast, cliffs, beach, caves 45m under, castles, farms, countryside villages, vacation hot spots, fancy hotels, sheep herds and my favorite – Obidos, the city inside the castle walls, it’s amazing.

Thank you again for everything!!!!


Ann Stock

67, Victoria – Australia

Highly recommend! Exploring Northern Portugal on ebikes.

The Historical Villages in the North of Portugal was wonderful, uncrowded and there were beautiful places to ride, especially the back roads and coastal trails. The hotels were first class as was the food. Everything was organised to perfection from Cristina recommending the self guided tour that would suit us to the instructions and excellent ebikes.

Luis met us at Lisbon airport and drove us to the first hotel where he provided a comprehensive overview and instructions. He was also our support person throughout the tour whom we could contact at any time. We were provided with a mobile phone to do this.

Cannot commend this Portugal Bike tour enough. Would definitely use again should we return to Portugal.


Gill Pyle

50 – Summerset West – South Africa

We travelled with our three teenaged children. It is a great family holiday. We did the self guided tour so we were provided with GPS which were very easy to use and all the courses were preloaded. We went at a leisurely pace stopping for coffees, pastries and photos on the way so probably only actually cycled just over 2 hours a day. It was perfect as an active but not strenuous holiday. The course was flat and a lot of the paths were cycle paths. We had the hybrid bikes which were great for the cycle paths and roads but you could feel the bumps on the dirt roads at the beginning of the tour so my only recommendation would be to possibly ask for mountain bikes.

Portugal Bikes think of everything…water bottles, back packs, repair kit, locks, cell phones with preloaded numbers, shirts and even socks! At the beginning Luis gave us an interesting overview of Portugal and what to expect on our tour.

The hotels were varied…from a very modern hotel, to a converted monastery and a pousada in the fortified town of Valencia. The countryside views were lovely. Unfortunately it was raining when we cycled along the coast so we did not see it at its best on that day.

Highly Recommended!


John Graham

58, Boulder, Colorado – United States

Portugal Bike arranged a self-guided tour for my wife and me in the north (Minho) region.

Everything about the trip was fantastic. The quality of our hybrid bikes (one regular, one electric) was top notch, the route was well thought out to avoid traffic and maximize scenery, the GPS was very accurate, detailed and easy to use, and the support at the beginning, end and middle of the day was outstanding.

Jose was very clearly invested in making sure everything went well. We had pouring rain for part of the day. It is a testament to Jose and Portugal Bike that at the end of the day we could not have cared less that at one point we were soaked. Everything else about the tour was so good that the rain did not matter.


Jennifer Guzman

58, NJ – United States

I traveled with my 4 adult kids with Portugal Bike in early June. We biked the Historical Towns of the North Tour.

This was definitely the highlight of our 2 week vacation in Portugal and one of the most memorable trips we have ever taken as a family. Our tour guide was Andre. He as friendly, extremely knowledgeable and always went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect for us.

The bikes were top notch, the hotel accommodations were varied but all had there own character and charm. The bike routes were for the most part on bike paths which ran along either rivers or the Atlantic Ocean with amazing views.

We would most definitely recommend using Portugal Bike and biking in general in Portugal where they are totally “bike friendly”. Every part of the tour was well organized from start to finish.

We look forward to our next bike tour with Portugal Bike in near future! Maybe next time the Algarve!!


Sanjaya Sood

61 – United Arab Emirates

This was our first cycling tour. We chose the easiest and self-guided tour so that we could pace ourselves.

We had an outstanding time!! Full credit to Luis and the team at Portugal Bike. Specifically:
a) the route was well chosen — a combination of dirt, bike trails, and some road riding
b) the equipment was excellent — SCOTT hybrid bikes in good condition
c) the GPS map was accurate and easy to use after Luis explained it
d) the accommodation was very good
e) the food on the trip was outstanding (we chose the restaurants, but relied on the recommendations)
f) on all days we rode between 8.30 and 2 pm that allowed us to spend some time in the wonderful towns we passed through.

We really had a good time and will definitely do something similar again.


Roberta Nubile

58, South Burlington, Vermont – United States

Would go with this company again. Their attention to detail and customer service is top notch.

From our first day pick up in Lisbon and drive to Sines and orientation by Luis who filled us in on Portugal history and nature as well as bike info, to our final pick up in Lagos and drop off in Lisbon by company owner Cristina, we felt well tended to even though on our own.

My daughter and I did a 7 day self guided hybrid bike tour using a pre-programmed GPS. We picked the perfect time of year in mid May weather wise. Every day was filled with delightful discoveries between the views and varied mix of roads, excellent accommodations, and fresh seafood. Wont soon forget the flowers in bloom, incredible beaches, smell of eucalyptus trees, and nesting storks.


Jamie Marks

64, California – United States

We truly enjoyed our family’s six day bike tour with Portugal Bike in July 2017. This was a family trip of 10 American adults.

Jose and Ricardo guided us with expertise on paved and off-roads, despite our varying ability levels. And Christina kept us fed along the way.

Our tour took us to the southern Atlantic coast, in the Alentejo and Algarve regions, both known for their fine fish cuisine and baked goods. We finished each day in comfortable hotels.

All in all, Portugal Bike gave our family the gift of a great tour full of wonderful memories.


Kendra Nunes

California – United States

This was our second trip with Portugal Bike. Our first was a guided trip, through the Alentejo five years ago and we vowed then to return for another trip. This time because we had friends traveling with us we tried the self guided tour. While we missed José and Cristina’s company, the self guided tour was just as enjoyable.

José and Cristina were prompt, organized and professional. From the moment we arrived at the airport to the moment they picked us up at the end of our trip, every detail was arranged and created a relaxing and stress free experience.

The scenery will leave you awe-struck. We couldn’t capture it with our cameras; the vibrant colors of the wildflowers and the sea were something to behold! Each evening’s accommodations were charming and beautiful. The GPS was easy to follow, and we were equipped with an emergency phone that we never needed. The bicycles are well maintained and reliable, and performed perfectly throughout the trip.

Each day was a good mixture of challenging riding with plenty of downhill and gorgeous views. We passed through countless tiny towns, separated by vast fields of green and flowers. Each day we arrived at our accommodations and were greeted warmly by the hotel staff. We had plenty of time to enjoy the towns, and all the dinner recommendations were great!

This tour definitely requires a good level of fitness, but is not overly arduous. Make sure you have good bike chamois to avoid a tender tush!

We will be back again for another trip, hopefully sooner than 5 years!


Joseph Hollyday

56, Bedford, Massachusetts – United States

Great Trip with Jose, Christina, and Ricardo as tour operators and guides.

We rode along the coast with incredibly beautiful ocean vistas (unlike the coast in US, we were able to ride along the cliffs above the ocean).

Bikes were great (Scott hybrids with excellent components and brakes), and the course was maybe 65% asphalt and 35% trails. (I loved the trails portion, although I ride a road bike at home). This part of Portugal has rolling hills, but only a couple were truly very steep, but blessedly not too long.

All breakfasts, lunch and dinners were included. Breakfast was at the various inns where we stayed, all of which were clean and comfortable. Lunch was generally in a cafe with sandwiches and soup. Dinner each evening was selected by the operators and intended to demonstrate typical specialties of the region. I loved it all (except for salt cod which I tried on my own in Lisbon and hated).

This trip was not a high-end luxury tour, as reflected by the price, but very good value, with a cost lower than previous trips I have been on, all meals provided, good accommodations, and excellent guides.

I would not hesitate to recommend this tour and may well return for one of their other tours next fall.


Frank Daly

48, Manchester – United Kingdom

The best cycling tour that we’ve ever been on. And we’ve been all over Europe.

Our group started in the National Park area of South East Portugal (stunning and totally unspoilt). We cycled mostly by the coast and it was beautiful. We finished in Lagos in South Portugal. Jose and Christina of Portugal Bike organized everything. The accommodations were all of very high quality. Midday picnics and evening meals were again of real quality and at great locations.

Jose and Christina are both kind people, good company, sense of humor and unobtrusive. A sea of great moments, laughter and memories. As good as it gets.


Philip Laris

76, Santa Barbara, California – United States

Thank you again for a wonderful adventure! You two did everything possible to make the bike tour a terrific experience and you have spoiled me.

I have taken several other bike tours and now I know just what a really excellent tour should be like. The bikes, van, accommodations, food, and all your extra services were first class. The scenery on the trip with the cliffs, beaches, long coastal views, and villages in a natural park setting was truly memorable.

I was very comfortable and happy throughout the tour. I hope to return soon to join you on another tour. I am afraid that another company would disappoint me!


Cory Janssen

39, Edmonton – Canada

Unique rides, great bikes and wonderful service!

My husband and I just completed the 7 day self-guided Pousadas in the North tour. We had a great time. The bikes we were provided were great quality and in good condition. The routes each day provided a ton of variation and we felt we got to see some very beautiful and unique areas of Portugal. The hotels (pousadas) were all very nice and we felt very lucky to be able to stay in these restored properties. Each day was challenging but doable.

When I booked and saw the distances I figured the rides would be pretty easy because I typically ride much farther distances at home but I had no idea about the hills in Portugal. Plus add on cobblestone in many areas and I was more than ready to reach the destinations each afternoon!

If you are considering a bike tour in Portugal, I highly, highly recommend booking it with Portugal Bike.


John Bosetti

59 – California – United States

My Family of four loved the bike tour titled “The Charming Pousadas of the North.” Portugal Bike did a superb job in all phases of our trip. From picking us up at the airport and orienting us (Luis is friendly, a wealth of information about Portugal, and helpful in every way), to providing amazing accommodations in spectacular settings, to brand new bikes with great, safe bike routes and excellent Garmin GPS guidance, to responding quickly and courteously to any requests or problems (the wonderful Cristina and Jose drove 8 hours to bring us a new bike when one had a problem), Portugal Bike is world class. This is one of the best experiences our family has ever had.

You can trust the integrity of Cristina and Jose to deliver an above and beyond cycling experience in Portugal. Go for it!


Ron Ramin

65, Mill Valley, California – United States

Viewing Portugal from the ground level–on bikes–was our goal. We chose Portugal Bike due to its stellar reviews.

Since this was our first bicycle adventure we decided that a guided tour would be most appropriate. It was extremely well-organized, our tour guides were delightful (we miss our new friends!) and thoroughly competent, and the e-bikes, which we heartily recommend, were very high quality and functioned flawlessly. The pousadas were lovely, and the meals and wines were quite good. All in all, a top quality tour.

Our only caveat: choose your tour carefully. These pousadas were located outside of the towns in spectacular settings, but some may prefer staying and exploring the charming towns of Portugal instead.

We also would have liked to learn a bit more about the region and to have spent a bit more time in the towns we passed through rather than bicycling from one pousada to another. In any event, we give very high marks to the Portugal Bike team. Well done!


Jose Amaral

50 – Devonshire, Bermudas

We celebrated a big birthday by cycling “The Charming Pousadas In the North”.
Our best vacation yet! Portugal Bike Tours were excellent. We signed up for the partial assist option and got over and above our expectations. Staff were locals – top notch!

The ebikes allowed us to get a fair dose of exercise leaving enough energy for us to enjoy the spectacular scenery, take breaks at local cafes along the way and practice our Portuguese.

Being fairly physically active already, only not with cycling (we are no slouchers), daily we were reminded of how glad we were to have chosen ebikes.

One recommendation for Portugual Bike’s is for them to add a bell onto the handlebars that can be rung in situations such as going around a tight cobblestone corner.


Joanne Dawson

61 – Canada

This was a return to Portugal after our first visit five years ago. Portugal Bike afforded us a totally different experience from touring in a car – a perfect combination of an active yet fully relaxing vacation with great food and excellent wines. The variety of paths and roads we travelled on the high quality (and fun – especially the sections like easy trail riding) hybrid bikes enabled us to see beautiful scenery not otherwise easily accessible, e.g. pounding waves on the west coast, monasteries and ancient towns at the top of hills (the granny gear made getting up the hills very manageable). When we had to share the roads, the drivers were extremely respectful.

Everything was well planned and Jose and Christina were excellent hosts. We are looking forward to seeing more of Portugal on a bike in the future.

Portugal by Bike – We Loved it!


Jon C

Southampton – United Kingdom

We chose Portugal Bike’s ‘Charming Pousadas in the North’ self-guided tour immediately followed by their guided ‘Marble, Wine and Heritage’ tour in Alentejo. Both were superbly organised with carefully chosen routes that stuck to quiet and scenic roads wherever possible.

We found the supplied bike satnav easy to use and its ‘purple line’ guided us along charming tracks and backroads that we could not have found on our own.

Jose, our guide for the second week was a lot more talkative and entertaining than the satnav, but the routes were equally enjoyable! It was a pleasure getting to know him and the ever efficient and elegant Cristina, over every evening’s wonderful Portuguese food and wine.

This was our tenth and best cycling holiday!


Dan Klitsner

54, California – United States

We just completed the incredible self-guided bike tour “Charming Pousadas of the North” put together by Jose and Cristina and Portugal Bike. From the moment we inquired about the tour the responsiveness and friendly personalized attention was clearly beyond the level of what we have experienced with other bike tours and travel services.

Everything was thought through from the initial briefing, the very high quality bikes which were equipped exactly as we specified with SPD pedals, correctly sized, extremely well maintained and very comfortable.

The documentation and maps provided and the flawless self-guiding Garmin GPS device guided us on the very well-planned route created by Jose. We rode from one beautiful Pousada to the next through vineyards, cobblestone streets, riverside boardwalks, charming village squares, stunning beaches, each time wondering how the next day could be any better – and each day shaking our heads in disbelief at how wonderfully different and amazing it was. Each Pousada was better than the next as well – from 11th century Monasteries to walled fortresses, to spectacular National Park lodges – all providing beyond our expectations for environment, dining, and friendly service.

Jose told us at dinner the last night that he starts out every tour with clients and ends it with friends – and we are honored to be 2 more. Thank you Jose, Cristina and Portugal Bike – we will be back with more friends!


Peter Lucey

67, Canberra – Australia

We are a group of experienced AUSTRALIAN cyclists who have now undertaken 7 cycle tours around the world and found Portugal Bike Tours to be the best.

We embarked on “The Beautiful North of Portugal” tour with our guide Jose and Cristina proving support. Their attention to detail, flexibility and professional approach was simply outstanding.

The accomodation, meals and wine simply first class. The bikes were in an “as new” condition, and everything working perfectly. Jose friendly, warm and humorous approach, as our guide was something very special.

This scenic tour is first class and represents great value for money for anyone considering biking Portugal.


Venita Burns

70, Victoria – Australia

We just finished an awesome cycling trip with Portugal bike. Had a fantastic time. The bikes were fabulous (ebikes by the way), the service was terrific and the accomodation was great.

This is the 7th cycling trip we have done. It’s a great way to see a country, you can choose the length of the tour and with the introduction of the electric bike you don’t have to be a cycling freak. It’s more tour de wine than Tour de France.

Next time u choose to cycle in Portugal you must try Portugal Bike with Kristina, Ricardo and Louis there to help you. Thank you Portugal Bike team.



Michelle Wiggins

53, Okotoks – Canada

Portugal Bike Tour Are the best. I have now done 5 different bike trips around the world and can honestly say Portugal Bike Tours is the Top.

This was my second trip with this company and it did not disappoint. Cristina and Jose make you feel comfortable on and off the bike. Jose is always encouraging you. Cristina takes care of all the little things which makes your trip unforgettable.

Thank you Cristina and Jose till next time.


Brian Wing

61 Alberta – Canada

My wife and I were very excited, and have always wanted to ride the “Camino de Santiago de Compostela”.

Jose and Cristina of “Portugal Bike Tours” are not only AMAZING and ENCOURAGING, (my wife and I are road bikers), they SURPASSED our expectations of what a mountain bike journey would be ! They made the “arduous” easy and fun. They also introduced us to many beautiful and friendly towns a “conventional tour” may pass by. As we discovered from our previous journey the “Jewels of Portugal” Portugal is a BEAUTIFUL and FRIENDLY destination.

Jose and Cristina are proud ambassadors and good friends! Until the next trip “Nos Veremos Novamente”, we will see you again!


Jennifer Huang

33, New York – United States

Jose and Cristina – the owners of Portugal Bike – are truly the best cycling tour operators in Europe.

I went on the Camino de Santiago trip, which was a perfect mix of countryside scenery, cuisine, historical accommodations, and fun cycling. Cannot imagine a better way to see Portugal. Jose is a pro at gauging all cyclists’ strengths and abilities – being a first-time mountain cyclist, I felt completely comfortable having Jose lead us down somewhat challenging terrain.

Highly recommend any of Portugal Bike’s trips!!


Scott Murray

Montreal – Canada

This week long mountain biking trip was the best way to ride the Camino do Santiago by the Portuguese route. Scenic countryside, nice trails and great food and wine with friends and guides Jose and Ricardo made this voyage a success for our group.

Highly recommended.


Noah Zepelin

33, Colorado – United States

My wife and I did the northern mountain bike trip to Santiago a couple of weeks ago. We had an AWESOME time.

Here’s a quick rundown:
1) Jose and Cristina are really the perfect guides. Both very friendly and very professional. Very knowledgeable about Portuguese history, culture etc… And Jose is a hell of a cyclist, to boot!
2) Really cool hotels. Obviously, these vary depending on the trip, but we stayed in 3 historic “Pousadas,” which were amazing. We also had one awesome new, modern hotel along the way.
3) Some wonderful food. With one exception, all the restaurants they selected were excellent. We had a lot of authentic, tasty Portuguese dishes.
4) Beautiful, challenging, rewarding biking. My wife and I are both in good shape, but neither of us is an experienced cyclist. Jose did a great job of encouraging us and helping us out without being condescending or unnecessarily demanding. We both felt exhilarated at the end of our 220+ km journey!

All in all, this was a splurge for us, but one that we will absolutely remember for the rest of our lives!

Oh, and I don’t want to promise that they’ll do this for everyone, but Jose and Cristina even drove us about 30 km out of their way to our final hotel in Cascais, outside of Lisbon, which was certainly above and beyond the call of duty… Thanks again Guys!!!


Eric and Liz

66 and 64, Invermere, BC – Canada

Second Time – Even Better Time!

It has been 11 years since our last Portugal Bike excursion and it was great to meet up with Jose and Cristina again!

Our first outing with them back in 2010 was so enjoyable, we had promised ourselves we’d go back for another one. Though it has been a little longer than intended, we did get back finally!

The original booking was for September 2020, but for obvious reasons, we postponed it by a year. Jose and Cristina rolled out the welcome mat and we had a most enjoyable time with them…again! They are wonderful ambassadors for their homeland of Portugal and so very accommodating and hospitable! As the last two outings were on Mountain bikes, we may just have to come back for one on the road bikes!

Thanks Jose and Cristina for a wonderful time – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!


Adriana Ferrazoli

42, São Paulo – Brazil

Fizemos o passeio de mountain bike até Santiago de Compostela. Tudo foi maravilhoso! Desde o primeiro dia com as explicações do passeio com um super vinho do porto, os hotéis, os deliciosos picnics, as paradas para foto, o clima de alegria e descontração, a motivação nos momentos de cansaço, os jantares, as risadas, a sensação de missão cumprida.

Nós amamos tudo do início ao fim! Diversão garantida! Parabéns ao casal José e Cristina. Excelente trabalho e pessoas nota 10.

Beijos com carinho Adriana e Márcio – Sao Paulo


Kelly Smith

55, Ontario – Canada

My husband and I just finished a self guided mountain bike tour of The Rota Vicentina and The Algarve. It was one of the best cycling experiences we have ever had. The routes were well planned and every day was a different experience on our bikes. The views of the ocean and cliffs are fantastic on this trip.

Jose and Christine are meticulous with their organization from the time they pick you up at the airport to the last day.

The days are long, but the reward is: arriving in a new town each night, checking into a great hotel and “recovering” with cold beer and local fresh fish.

We will definitely be back to do another route.


Eric & Deb

Seattle, Washington – United States

Just returned from the self guided Rota Vicentina and The Algarve mountain bike tour. Jose and Cristina were great, the equipment and preparation first rate, the route took us from the highest point in the Algarve down along the southwestern coast through incredibly beautiful, scenic, remote landscapes.

A wonderful experience, challenging and rewarding. We can hardly wait to return and heartily recommend Portugal Bike. Eric & Deb S, Seattle.


David Rose

65, Boulder, Colorado – United States

To sum it up: Fabulous! everything was well planned and organized with great support along the way on a guided tour. Excellent accommodations, great food, wonderful routes.
Local knowledge of sites and history rounded it all out.
Great people!!!



Saudi Arabia

We just returned from a fantastic self-guided tour. Portugal Bike tours was everything we expected – organized, well equipped and prepared. The bikes were high quality, the GPS system was brilliant, and the sights even better! Each hotel we stayed in had a great breakfast and more than comfortable enough. The bike shirts are great – just an added bonus!

We would definitely do another tour with them anytime.


Sue White

61, Bend, Oregon – United States

My husband and I recently completed The Rota Vicentina and The Algarve mountain bike tour. Jose and Cristina are the team that designs this fantastic bike tour from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Lagos.

The tour highlights consist of: riding through National Parks, single track along the Mediterranean coast and visiting the beautiful beaches of the Algarve Coast.

The scenery is spectacular! From beginning to end, attention to detail is what makes a Portugal Bike Tour so wonderful. Jose and Cristina are true professionals in every sense of the word and ensure that your trip will be memorable.

The bikes are in excellent condition, the route well thought out with stops for points of interest and delicious picnics to refuel. The choice of overnight accommodations is very good and you will enjoy the incredible variety of fish in the evening. Together, with Jose as your guide explaining the cultural and historic points of interest, and Cristina providing logistical support, you will not be disappointed.


Jeff & Carroll McRae

56 and 55, Northwood – United Kingdom

This was our 2nd bike adventure in Portugal, with Jose and Christina, of Portugal Bike.

This time we chose the mountain bike option. We were thrilled with the physical challenges we encountered, and drank in the natural beauty that Portugal offers. We explored Alentejo region from inland to coast, venturing through the Cork forest and stork nesting areas. The food, wine, accommodations and company was first rate.

We highly recommend cycling with Portugal Bike, you will not be disappointed. We are already thinking of our next cycling adventure with Jose and Christina.


James B

Durham, North Caroline – United States

My two friend and I self-guided a bike tour of the west and southwest coast of Portugal for 6 days.

Portugal Bike provided us with premium mountain bikes and a reliable GPS system. We stayed in nice locations and hotels.

The staff was pleasant and helpful all the way through our tour. No problems to report only pleasant experiences.

Portugal is a hidden gem that more Americans should experience.


Jim & Saun

47 & 48, Topsfielf, Massachusetts – United States

Portugal Bike is a full service bike company which organizes a variety of comprehensive bike tours within Portugal.

The tour offerings are spectacular, full of options which may be tailored to suit your level of skill and adventure, travel needs and wants, and all of which take you off the beaten path and/or to any part of Portugal you wish to visit.

Portugal Bike was extremely accommodating, professional and patient with us during our trip planning, offering us much advice and suggestions on what to see, where to dine, etc., and what’s not on the map.

The bike equipment and related support are superior; Cristina, Jose, and Ricardo are all extremely professional and knowledgeable and fantastically helpful and friendly and could not do enough for us.

If you love adventure and seek a unique and special vacation Portugal Bike will bring you a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you for an amazing experience!

We have been awarded with TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for four consecutive years. You can read more Portugal Bike reviews on our TripAdvisor’s page.

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