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The Camino de Santiago, also known as “The way of St James”, is one of the World’s oldest pilgrimage routes. It is a way covered by thousands of pilgrims since the 9th century, when Saint James’ remains were rediscovered in the place known today as Santiago de Compostela by the hermit Pelagius.

There is more than “one” way (“camino”) to Santiago because over the centuries different ways were covered by pilgrims whose aim was to get to Saint James’ resting place. We follow the Portuguese Way. This also has some variations, such as: the Coastal Way, the Medieval Way, the Central Way and the Royal Way. We follow the Coastal Way with the Medieval Way, because it is the most scenic and beautiful of the Portuguese Ways.

Cycling the Camino de Santiago is a 7-day stunning tour from Porto (Oporto – known by its famous Port Wine) through seaside Atlantic villages and sandy beaches until we get to the Spanish border. Then we continue along the Medieval Way, through ancient Roman roads, medieval towns, dense woods and centuries old pilgrims’ footpaths en route to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Santiago de Compostela.

As the day comes to an end, relax at gorgeous and magnificent Castles, Palaces, Monasteries and Convents that were once inhabited by the clergy or the Queens and Kings and now are converted into exquisite lodgings.

To complete this adventure (for religious reasons or not) you should previously get the Pilgrim’s Credential (Portugal Bike Tours will get this for you in advance). A pilgrim must get at least two stamps per day; you collect the stamps along the way at the hotels, restaurants and churches.

When you get to Santiago you go to the Pilgrim’s Office and show your Credential with all the stamps to prove that you did cycle The Camino (minimum of 200km biking). You are then awarded the Compostela, a document with your name written in Latin that certifies that you completed the Camino!

If you wish to cycle The Camino de Santiago, you should use a mountain bike! We will ride sometimes on asphalt, other times on bike lanes, wood lanes along the beaches and some dirt roads, or even some single tracks and rough trails. The mountain bike’s thicker tires and better grip will help you to get the necessary comfort and balance when you have to cross Roman bridges that are more than 2000 years old.

The overall difficulty level of this tour is 3, Intermediate (more precisely, level 3.1, between 1~5). It is recommended for “bikers” and “cyclists”. It is supposed that you are in good shape.

There is a well-known sentence that helps us to understand what really is The Camino de Santiago and it says something like this: “It is the Way itself that changes our lives, not the goal”, i.e. it is by cycling  The Camino and overcoming the daily difficulties that our inner self is changed, and not the fact that you get to Santiago de Compostela.

Cycling the Camino is giving a bit of yourself! …It is something different, …it is really an experience!

Euro 2480


Level 3 (3.1)

51km/32mi day
Signature, Monument and Historic

40% trails and bike-lanes + 60% asphalt 
Start | End
Porto | Santiago de Compostela





Per Person

01 to 18 June, 2022


Euro 2820

19 to 25 June, 2022


Euro 2680

19 to 30 June, 2022


Euro 2680

July, 2022


Euro 2540

August, 2022


Euro 2680

01 to 17 September, 2022


Euro 2780

18 to 30 September, 2022


Euro 2810

01 to 09 October, 2022


Euro 2810

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Minimum number of people: 4
Location: Porto and the North
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7 days / 6 nights / 5 days cycling

Support Level

  • One knowledgeable local Guide meeting you on the way everyday
  • A Garmin GPS computer with all traks recorded
  • Our comfortable support and backup vehicle van with air conditioning
  • Techno-mechanical assistance at all times
  • All transportation from airport pick-up to drop-off
  • All baggage transportation
  • Documentation booklet about PortugalBike Tour
  • Personal Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance
  • First-Aid assistance on location
  • Pilgrim’s Credential


  • One Pousada – Charming Hotel (located in a 13th century Fortress)
  • One Parador – Historic Hotel (16th century former Palace)
  • One 4* Historic Hotel (16th century Monument Hotel)
  • One 4* Historic Hotel (16th century former Manor House)
  • One 4* Historic Hotel (18th century Historic Building)
  • One 4* Historic Monument Hotel (13th century former Convent)


  • 6 Breakfasts
  • Daily energy-bars, nuts, fruits and water


  • Superior quality full-suspension mountain bicycles with hydraulic disc brakes and 20 speeds, tailored to your height and specifications
  • PortugalBike cycling jersey to keep
  • PortugalBike water bottles to keep
  • Specialized helmets (optional)

Please note:

Prices are based on a double bedroom occupancy (hotels may be different depending on availability) | Supported version: We require a minimum of 4 people to confirm a supported departure | Groups: Discount for Groups of 4 or more people | Longer tour: You can join two PortugalBike Tours and have a 2-week program (10% discount on the second tour) | On Supported tours we can offer you any date, depending on our availability. If the tour starts and ends in different months/fortnight the price will be adjusted accordingly, depending on how many days in each month/fortnight. The price of festivity dates will be adjusted accordingly.


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Welcome at Porto or Lisbon airport. Transfer to a hotel in Porto (20-min from Porto airport, or 3-hour from Lisbon airport). Briefing about the tour. Lodging in a 4* hotel in the center of the city. Lodging in Caléway Hotel.



Riding to the historic town on the coast

79km (49mi), 770m total climbing (2530ft), level 4 (3.8). After breakfast you leave the ancient city following the ways covered by the pilgrims until you get to the historic town on the coast. Lodging in 4* hotel, a historic building from 16th century, in the historic center of this small town. Lodging in Casa Melo Alvim Hotel.



Riding to the border, always following the Way

58km (37mi), 460m total climbing (1510ft), level 3 (2.8). After breakfast you continue riding along the Portuguese coast towards the Spanish border, but you spend the night in Portugal, in a beautiful medieval town near the border, which is protected by a fortress with double walls. Lodging in a Pousada which is set on the highest place of the old fortified area of this town, a 13th century Fortress, with a great view over Spain. Lodging in Pousada de Valença, Charming Hotel.



Crossing the border to Spain

54km (34mi), 1110m total climbing (3640ft), level 4 (3.9). After breakfast you finally cross the border. You continue along The Way and you will ride on some old roman tracks (older than 2000 years) and medieval paths until getting to the next town. Lodging in a Parador, a 16th century palace, near the historical and commercial center of the town. Lodging in Parador de Pontevedra.



The luxuriant vegetation and the mysticism of the Way

40km (25mi), 710m total climbing (2330ft), level 3 (2.8). Breakfast. Before you get the next Spanish town you cross the thick woods with a luxuriant vegetation. Lodging in a 4* hotel with a swimming-pool; the building was built in the 16th century and it was the vacation house for the archbishops from Compostela. Lodging in Pazo de Lestrove, Monument Hotel.



Mixed emotions when we arrive to Santiago de Compostela

23km (14mi), 580m total climbing (1900ft), level 2 (2.0). Breakfast. Finally, you get to Santiago de Compostela and you feel you accomplished your “mission”. Free afternoon to wander around this mystic city and do some shopping. Lodging in a beautiful 4* Historic Monument hotel, a former Convent from 13th Century, ideal to rest after this long ride and in the historical center of Santiago de Compostela. Lodging in San Francisco Monument Hotel.




After breakfast transfer to Porto (2-hours and 30min) or Lisbon airport (5-hours and 30 min).

Total distance 256km (159mi) | Average 51km/day (32mi/day) | 40% trails and bike-lanes + 60% asphalt


Accommodations for this tour include Signature Hotels (the best charming Hotel of the region, usually stylish 4-star hotels or 5-star properties), as well as Monument and Historic Hotels (gorgeous Castles, Palaces, Monasteries and Convents once inhabited by the clergy or the Queens and Kings and now converted into exquisite lodgings)

cycling camino santiago portugal bike tour luxury hotel room
cycling camino santiago portugal bike tour luxury hotel lobby
cycling the camino santiago portugal bike tour accommodations
cycling camino santiago portugal bike tour hotel front
cycling camino santiago portugal bike tour luxury hotel roomcycling camino santiago portugal bike tour luxury hotel lobbycycling the camino santiago portugal bike tour accommodationscycling camino santiago portugal bike tour hotel front


“Jose and Christina guided our MTN bike tour from Porto to Santiago de Compostella about 130 miles over 4.5 days. Epic trip with 6 close friends. Beautiful Caminho and expert guiding by Jose to optimize our bike vs walking experience. I never looked at a map or the route, or really had to make any decisions about best places to rest and picnic. Really great to focus on the experience vs logistics. This was my first biking tour and I plan to do more!”

Eric Borhen, 52 – California, United States

“We did the tour Camino de Santiago de Compostela. This was an excellent adventure that took us along trails with an unimaginable history for those that come from tropical lands. The landscape is completely different from what we can see in Brazil. We were able to experience some of the situations described in the pilgrims’ reports. The pleasant company of the gods, the amazing discovery of the cultural “differences and similarities” between Brazil and Portugal, softened the weariness, the heat during the climbs and the rocks along the way. Everything was very well organized, first class equipment and car, very comfortable hotels; we enjoyed the ride, the food, the landscape and the historic monuments. We thank PortugalBike Team very much.”

Eduardo Preto, 57 – São Paulo, Brazil

“My wife and I did the northern mountain bike trip to Santiago a couple of weeks ago. We had an AWESOME time. Here’s a quick rundown: 1) Jose and Cristina are really the perfect guides. Both very friendly and very professional. Very knowledgeable about Portuguese history, culture etc… And Jose is a hell of a cyclist, to boot! 2) Really cool hotels. Obviously, these vary depending on the trip, but we stayed in 3 historic “Pousadas,” which were amazing. We also had one awesome new, modern hotel along the way. 3) Some wonderful food. With one exception, all the restaurants they selected were excellent. We had a lot of authentic, tasty Portuguese dishes. 4) Beautiful, challenging, rewarding biking. My wife and I are both in good shape, but neither of us is an experienced cyclist. Jose did a great job of encouraging us and helping us out without being condescending or unnecessarily demanding. We both felt exhilarated at the end of our 220+ km journey! All in all, this was a splurge for us, but one that we will absolutely remember for the rest of our lives! Oh, and I don’t want to promise that they’ll do this for everyone, but Jose and Cristina even drove us about 30 km out of their way to our final hotel in Cascais, outside of Lisbon, which was certainly above and beyond the call of duty… Thanks again Guys!!!”

Noah Zepelin, 33 – Colorado, United States

“Cycling to Santiago de Compostela was a unique experience. These 2 Brazilian women that were not very well prepared for such a big adventure got to the end with a great satisfaction. The tour was very well organized, with gorgeous views, and wonderful food showing a very rich gastronomy. The guides were very thoughtful, nice and competent conveying a great feeling of safety. We highly recommend this tour and we plan to come back and do other tours with Portugal Bike tours.”

Lucia Miranda, 53 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


On this tour you can ride with one of these bicycles
portugal bike tours mountain bike



FullSuspension Mountain Bike CUBE Stereo 120 Pro29. Featuring a 130mm front suspension, 180mm hydraulic disc brakes and a 11-42T Shimano cassette, this is the perfect bike for a mountain biker.
Control, speed and agility combined… for trail explorers everywhere!


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Cycling the Camino de Santiago, one of the World's oldest pilgrimage routes
Cycling the Camino de Santiago, one of the World's oldest pilgrimage routes

There are many Camino de Santiago: there is the Portuguese Way, the English Way, the French Way, the Finisterra Way, the North Way, the Sanabria Way, the Silver Way and the Primitive Way.

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